Women's infertility

Despite regular relationships, patients who can not get pregnant within 12 months consider themselves infertile and begin their investigation own their own... read more... chevron_right

When And How Do The Embryo Transfer Is Done?

Transfer of embryos is the last step of treatment in IVF treatment. When the embryos reach the 2-8-cell stage,... read more... chevron_right

What should couples do before IVF treatment begins?

For determining some diseases as diabetes, hirsutism, galactoris and... read more... chevron_right

What is epidural anesthesia?

Epidural anesthesia is the most effective and convenient one of the above methods. Provides an awakened and comfortable birth, due to the mother giving more time to the baby, which is the most commonly used method. read more... chevron_right

What is a microinjection ICSI (ICSI, Intracytoplasmic microinjection of a sperm)?

In this process, unlike IVF, the spermatozoon is introduced into the ovum... read more... chevron_right

Treatment of man

Factors that cause male infertility can be treated with drugs, hormones and surgery... read more... chevron_right

Reproductive Problems and Treatment Shapes

Another month passed. Your sister said she was pregnant again. They did not even try... read more... chevron_right

Normal Birth and Caesarean

If a woman wants to give birth naturally and has this chance, she needs help. In fact, everyone knows that... read more... chevron_right


Hysterosalpingography (HSG) refers to the method of X-ray diagnostics of the condition of the fallopian tubes and the internal cavity of the uterus, read more... chevron_right

Freezing and thawing processes

The use of the freezing and / or thawing method is intended not only for the storage of simple embryos, but also for the use of defective reproductive capacity read more... chevron_right

Formation of an Egg cell in a woman

Even in the mother's womb in the girl's body a certain number of follicles is laid. Basically, women have their own reserve of egg cells,... read more... chevron_right

Examination of a Men

In assessing reproductive performance, men are usually less involved than women... read more... chevron_right

Examination of a Women

In your first medical examination, your doctor will review your medical history and take a physical exam. If your husband's sperm analysis is normal,... read more... chevron_right

Epidural anesthesia during labor and cesarean section

Over the years, several methods have been developed for expectant mothers to reduce the severity of pain during labor... read more... chevron_right

Do you need surgery during pregnancy, is it risky?

During 40 weeks of pregnancy, there are some diseases requiring surgery... read more... chevron_right

Considerations After Embryo Transfer

The patient who is taken to the bed after the transfer should rest for 2 hours here... read more... chevron_right